Monday, February 04, 2008

Food Allergy Peeps Listen up!

I realize that Martha Stewart is not everyone's fave person in the world...but you have to admit she's a big name in the home decorating, magazine, etc. world. Anyway, she has a company-wide The Big Idea competion going on. Employees are putting out ideas for new products, new avenues to sprout off on...and one of them is a FOOD ALLERGY-CENTERED MAGAZINE!!

Apparently, Martha Stewart narrowed the ideas done to about 7, I think. Now, she has an open vote going on, located at her blog. I voted and it is currently in the lead with over 50% of the votes!!!

Stop by the blog and take a would be good too! lol
The voting is open until 2/7/08.

The Big Idea Vote

btw, here's my comment...which is in mod mode right now...we'll see if it shows up. lol

"I love the idea of a food allergy-centered magazine!

I have a milk allergy...I can't have ANY milk proteins. I love to watch the Food Network, but everything seems to include some dairy component...from buttah, buttah, heavy cream, or some sort of cheese!!!

I still consider cheese a Food Group...and mourn it's loss in my diet. So watching the Food Network or getting Paula Dean's Magazine just borders on the twisted!

Anyway, it would be wonderful to have a major source in the business to acknowledge these allergy problems and offer a resource to help cope with them.

Thank you, Alexis, for putting the idea forth for all of us in Allergy-laden Land!'

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