Saturday, September 20, 2008

Slap maself stupid!



I'm going to Kcon!!!


I'm excited but scared because I'm going by myself!

*le sigh* Always by my lonesome...but at least it's someplace I've always wanted to go to...let's just hope the weather's ok at that time!

*blushes* that was very selfish of me...but I hope y'all know what I mean... O.O

New Addition to my Fave Authors List

Nalini Singh!!!

All I've done this past week since last Friday is read her first four books in the Psy-Changling series!!! Well, expect for the 3 shifts I put in at work, and minor chores at home! lol

I devoured these books, and would highly recommend them to you, especially if you have a thing for "weres" or "paranormal" stuff in your romance novels! Awesome, Awesome series!

p.s. I apparently designated this post as private back on 8.29.08 when I didn't mean to! lol

Well, I wolfed down the last book a day or two after it came out...

I so ♥ Dorian!!

Hope you get a chance to read this series!