Wednesday, October 29, 2008

O. K. I'm digitally challenged!

that didn't come out right.


*clears throat* What I'm talking about are my missing pics!
They weren't missing...just somehow hiding on my camera card/disk thingy! But I swear...I managed to download AAAALLL those other pics y'all have been looking at...but lost those 150+ pics! I'm telling you I even did the explore search thingy on my hard drive...

Anyway...I had something totally awesome happen that caused me to find the freaky little buggers!

We've been having a baby owl visit us!!
Where people SHOOT at...well...people! O.O
Let alone an of last night it was still alive....on my fence again. So I took pics!
Nnnatch. having been in a "darker" frame of mind, I thought immediately..."Uhoh...bad sign!"

Being from WY, we have screech owl, and I was always led to believe if you hear one at night at certain occurances, times, whatev...bad, very bad.

So that's where I went in my randomness.

I had my aunt come out as the owl did not seem to want to leave anytime soon...and her first words were..."OOO...good luck!"

I'm like..."Yeah? Sweet...we're going to Pechanga tomorrow!
We're gonna win!"

Needless to say...I lost my shorts.

Yeah. Only me.

But...I did decided to stop losing my feria and bought a sweet cross necklace! It's one of those fat squared crosses that looks like the first aid sign! See...schweeet! lol

About the owl...It keeps coming back. So I took the pic and when I downloaded the it earlier...I found my missing pics!!!

Promptly saved them, I did...and blessed the owl!
My good luck charm!
So my tia was right.
That's my story. And I'm sticking to it. *emphatic nod*'s the link to the missing pics...the password is the same as the one I gave you before.

The missing pics

Saturday, October 25, 2008

More New Orleans trip pics... I've spent time today loading up my pics from my camera and cell to photobucket with organizing and titles. These pics are more of my touring New Orleans than of Kcon...which most are up on myspace.

If you'd like to see them, please drop me a line at my email or on myspace so I can give you the password to the link below. I realize this may be a pain in the behind, but I have never/rarely just openly put up pics of myself, friends, or family. Hope you understand.

New Orleans slideshow

btw...something interesting to note regarding the pics I took. I had a whole section of pics disappear!! They were of the Cemetary tour I took on Monday afternoon! Now...I realize that I may be a freak and some how deleted the things on accident...BUT...deleting over 160 pics!!! Nah uh...not happenin.

I distinctly remember taking the pics and looking at them through the tour...and just after the tour prior to saying goodbye to the tour guide, Renee. I remember because I had been meaning to get pics of the black street posts along almost every street in the Quarter...most were damaged but this particular street had a good 5-6 posts still intact with the horses heads on them. I so wanted that was one of the last pics, if not the last pic, I took with the tour guide in it! It was a great shot!

Now, the pics I took just prior to the tour commencing are there! We were waiting across the street from the tour guide and I took shots of the Pat O'Brien plaque and the Preservation Hall sign. We started the tour just after that! Pics # 422-587 are gone!!! Just gone. aaaaarrrrgh!

*le sigh* Just another awesome memory of the French Quarter and my journeys with the Haunted History Tour guides! lol

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My KCon08 are now up on myspace...

dd03's KCon08 pics

Caveat...My profile is set to private. If you want to see them, you will have to friend me. Please leave a note in the add request just stating you're a fellow KCon-er or even just a minion so that I don't just add random peeps to my f*list. Thanks!

Ok...I have pics of random Minions on there. If you know names, please let me know so that I can add them to comments.

Also, if you DO NOT want your pic up for viewing...please let me know so that I may remove it! Thanks!!

I had such a great time there...hope to see you all next year...and maybe I'll be able to drag a few other friends along for the fun! *coughC&DDcough!!*

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I fell in Love with New Orleans!

I'm back from KCon in New Orleans as of last night...I so did not want to return!

I met so many wonderful Minions at the convention, the people of New Orleans were truly hospitable and genuinely kind and helpful. I love the architecture in the Quarter, the tours given by Haunted History Tours were incredibly informative and entertaining without being schtikzy...loved it so much I took THREE of them! lol

But the people and the history...that's why I didn't want to leave.
I plan to go back again...for KCon if possible...but if not...I'll find a reason to go anyway! ^.~

Here's a street band I had the wonderful opportunity to hear while there on my first day out with Wendy and Christie, fellow Kcon-ers I'd just met that am. They are called Loose Marbles, who primarily perform out on the streets of New Orleans, NYC (I think), and possibly other places. I believe that's their main source of performances with donations accepted.

Check them out on YouTube! Oh...I bought a CD.

If you like them...give them some support & buy a CD!! Here's their email (all the contact info they gave on their cd):

Hope you like them...and I hope to post pics & experiences soon! I took over 600 on my new digital camera! lol

Monday, October 06, 2008

BDB Insider Guide & Family stuff


I'm sssoooo excited!

I received my BDB newsletter and it said that it was out today...but I was at B&N and it was not out! gah!!
Good thing I hadn't seen the newsletter prior to going our I'd have freaked on them!

Was bummed because I couldn't find the Dark-Hunter Companion...which I need to buy so I can get it signed on my NOLA trip!! woooohhoo!

It is much needed. This past week has been tiring...and quite honestly...I was not directly related to M.

Wait...back up...I haven't posted about sil's (2 of them/sisters) father died last Monday of a hemmorhagic stroke. It was so surprising. The funeral service was held on Friday. He will be cremated tomorrow. Last night my sil's mother passed out for a few seconds and she was ill. We think it was a low blood sugar, but they had already fed her some food. So her blood sugar was by the time I got there to check it, her BP was quite high. So they to her to the MD today. They will be watching her more closely, making sure she's eating and drinking, taking her meds...which she forgot to take. She needs to rest...which she wasn't as she's had so much company. They are a large family.
Poor thing...50 years they were together...9 children, 30+ grandchilren, plus greatgrandchildren!!

It's just been a long weekend...and I was even involved with very much. I can only begin to imagine what my sil's is going through. My brothers are taking it hard too.

I've got to get to bed...but was having a hard time doing so even though I've only had about 4 hrs of sleep since yesterday 0730. I'm not a spring chicken, my peeps. I do not do well on little sleep anymore.

Work the next two days and the weekend...I'm having a hard time finding time to plan my trip to New Orleans...and it's now less 2 weeks away!! oi...I keep thinking...I'm wiping out my savings!!
But I'm so excited to be going! I don't know if I'll ever do something like this I'm going to enjoy it!!

ok...i'm babbling I shall retire.
Blessing to all!