Thursday, April 01, 2010

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  • 00:59 You are ready for something special to happen, but there won't... More for Pisces #
  • 09:42 Am more disturbed by the 2 Independence Day sequels to come than I thought I was. Nightmare of alien invasion that zombiefies peeps! O.O #
  • 09:56 VILF!!! HAHAHA rt @jaymzangel RT @sparklybearsy: VILF #TrueBlood13thJune #
  • 10:00 There's a thought: Who's you're VILF??? Mine: the whole BDB. Acheron, Louie, so many DH's... Wha?! so I'm a VHIT: vampire ho in training. #
  • 11:19 - homemade biscuits from my Milk Free Kitchen cookbook. thx dan! #
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