Saturday, January 03, 2009

I Tweeted

  • 12:18 *imagine lil girl heartfelt voice, sounds like it will burst in tears if No is said* "Tia T, I want you to go to Disneyland with me today." #
  • 12:21 How the hell do you say "No" to THAT? I caved even tho I work 2morrow, still recovering & just worked the last 2days. ima weak, weak woman. #
  • 14:13 @bookbinge oh man, that sucks very much. sorry 2 hear @ this. i hope this changes soon for you, but i have to say i enjoy having you around. #
  • 14:14 @cranberrytarts put on your Mouse ears & join us! ^__^ #
  • 14:16 @MaggieMae1969 I ♥ Abby too! She's doin a song on the NCIS sdtk coming out in Feb, so is Ziva! #
  • 14:20 @YasmineGalenorn That is beautiful. I'm sorry you have to let your Tara go. It is a very hard thing to do. stayed w/ my gma's dogs. miss em #
  • 14:27 @c2s *looks to heaven* oh, dear. what have we started? lol Y'got Mouse ears? #
  • 14:28 k...not gonna make my deadline. only half way thru What a Scoundrel Wants. *sigh* better email the author! eep!! #
  • 14:30 @limecello o.O *hides leftover mexican wedding cookies* hhmmm...maybe I should hide Tigger's treats too! lol #
  • 15:19 @cranberrytarts lol...honestly, i no longer have any. just wanted to see how bad you wanted to come along! ^__^ #
  • 15:25 @c2s bummer! if i have extra $$$ i will have to buy me a new set. What I do have is the awesome red dragon on black baseball cap! #
  • 23:25 I Tweeted! I Tweeted: 23:07 I Tweeted! I Tweeted: 23:06 I Tweeted! I Tweeted: 12:48 @AletheaKontis NO!.. #
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