Thursday, December 03, 2009

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  • 00:11 @Faol was just about to log off. how are you? #
  • 00:12 @Faol still procrastinating. I now have 10 yrs worth of shit to clean & haul out by tomorrow night. O.O #
  • 00:13 @Faol that's instead of working on it today. like any normal person would do. gah. #
  • 00:14 @Faol lol. yup. dammit. #
  • 00:16 @Faol lol. apparently so. but I realized about an hour ago, that I so screwed myself outta going to see @IWNBTS 2moro night n PershingSquare #
  • 00:24 @Faol uuuhoooh. yeah, we're bad. My bro keeps coming by, shaking his head doing the "Yeah know they're gonna start in the area....blahblah" #
  • 00:25 awesome, my fave SSSC. @BootsRiley Oh I forgot: Promenade video done. We'll find out tomorrow if MTV will play it. Cross your fingers. #
  • 00:30 @Faol nope I'm off. boo. i think i need to join hoarders anon. *sigh* I really don't want to do this. #
  • 00:32 @Faol btw, wth's a town hall mtg for business anyway? a staff mtg from hell? #
  • 01:04 @Faol lmso!!! so, do they muzzle you? cuz I just don't see it. o.0 #
  • 01:04 ummm...that's lmao, btw. #
  • 01:11 headed to bed...i have a busy day tomorrow. today. aye. @faol #
  • 08:57 @jaredleto rt@smokinhotbooks figured out the mystery of heavy creepy breather...disappointed it wasn't a hot stalker or Jared Leto #
  • 12:09 Joined @ChristineA's "In Death" Reading Challenge ~ here's my post w/reading list #
  • 12:1 0 I have to actually get to work on cleaning & packing up 10 yrs w/of sh** by tonight so we can put tile in tomorrow. aye dios, sucks #
  • 12:18 @Faol u suck, have 2 start w/#1. I say we skip & go see @IWNBTS! #
  • 12:22 just found a shit load of bks I haven't read yet. And Where The Hell did all this Bath&BodyWorks crap come from? aye. so gonna be a long day #
  • 12:24 **wonders if bro will evict me if i just go mental & go hide @ B&N w/my nano & live off Starbucks drink n food for a week** #
  • 12:28 psst. apparently this is big. 0.0 @Scholastic Save the date! Hunger Games book 3 release date: 08.24.10! #HungerGames #
  • 12:29 @shaunduke ummmm. no. but I was imagining hiding in the bathroom or under a kiddy table @ closing. Just hanging overnight. Redo in am. yeah. #
  • 12:37 I was born! definitely NOT bell bottoms! @SabrinaDarby It's "I love the 70s" day. Say what you love about the era... #70sLove #
  • 12:40 "I want to win Terminator Salvation on Blu-ray from @warnerblu today!" Follow @warnerblu & RT what I did! via @isis_nocturne #
  • 12:42 ok...I put a book in a box....I tweet, read a in box...repeat. perhaps i should turn off the pc. gah. Must. Dis. Con. Nect. aah! #
  • 17:05 fam*dam*ly want know why i have so many damn books & why don't i just throw them out? o.0 #
  • 17:07 the only term i remember from economics class is sunk cost. i Try to apply it to my life. Except where my books are concerned! #
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