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"In Death" Reading Challenge

Joined the "In Death" Reading Challenge hosted by Christine at The Happily Ever After....

If you'd like to participate, I have a link on my sidebar or you can find it here:
"In Death" Challenge

I went to Nora Robert's site to find the reading list. There are 31 books & novellas.

Thirty. One. O.O

Ok...I copied the list to post here so I could always find it, but I think I'll post a link to NR's list in my sidebar as well, so I'll find the updated lists. Yeah. That sounds like a good idea.

Chronological list of J. D. Robb books

Naked In Death
Introducing New York Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas …
Breaking every rule, Lt. Eve Dallas gets involved with Roarke, a suspect in her latest murder case. But passion and seduction have rules all their own.

Glory In Death
In Lt. Eve Dallas’s latest case, two murder victims have one connection: Roarke.

Immortal In Death
A top model is dead – and the suspect is none other than Lt. Eve Dallas’s best friend.

Rapture In Death
An investigation of three apparent suicides draws Lt. Eve Dallas into the world of virtual reality – where the mind can become the weapon of its own destruction.

Ceremony In Death
In the most dangerous case of her career, every step Lt. Eve Dallas takes brings her closer to a confrontation with humanity’s most seductive form of evil.

Vengeance In Death
A madman brutally murders two men – both with ties to an ugly secret shared by Lt. Eve Dallas’s new husband, Roarke.

Holiday In Death
In the future when computer technology brings lovers together, dating can be a deadly game.

“Midnight in Death” Silent Night anthology
Lt. Eve Dallas must postpone her first Christmas with Roarke to hunt for an escaped serial killer.

Conspiracy In Death
The pursuit of a serial killer leaves Lt. Eve Dallas’s job on the line. Now her hands are tied, between a struggle for justice – and a fight for her career.

Loyalty in Death
Lt. Eve Dallas faces her most ingenious foe – a “secret admirer” who taunts her with letters…and kills without mercy.

Witness In Death
Lt. Eve Dallas is thrust into the spotlight when she becomes the key witness in the brutal murder of a famous actor.

Judgment in Death
When a cop killer cuts loose in a club called Purgatory, Lt. Eve Dallas descends into an underground criminal hell.

Betrayal in Death
Lt. Eve Dallas is up against a hit man for the elite, whose next target may be her own husband, Roarke.

“Interlude in Death” Out of this World anthology
At a police conference off-planet, Lt. Eve Dallas is forced to forsake duty to take down a rogue ex-cop – and save the man she loves…

Seduction in Death
Lt. Eve Dallas is searching for a Casanova killer with a deadly appetite for seduction.

Reunion in Death
A birthday party sets the scene for a frightening reunion with a killer from Lt. Eve Dallas’s past.

Purity in Death
Lt. Eve Dallas must face the impossible: track down a new computer virus can spread from machine to man.

Portrait in Death
Lt. Eve Dallas faces a serial killer who offers his victims eternal youth by taking their life.

Imitation in Death
Lt. Eve Dallas becomes entangled in the deadly mind game of a vicious copycat killer.

Remember When
Writing together for the first time, number-one New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts and her number-one New Times bestselling pseudonym J.D. Robb create a tale of con men and jewel thieves that blends present-day romance and futuristic suspense.

Divided in Death
Techno terrorists – a deadly new breed of hackers -- will kill to protect their secret and it's up to Lt. Eve Dallas to shut them down before the nightmare can spread to the whole country.

Visions in Death
Lt. Eve Dallas searches the darkest corners of Manhattan for an elusive killer with a passion for collecting souls.

Survivor in Death
Lt. Eve Dallas struggles to solve the murder of a seemingly ordinary family, and protect one small, terrified survivor.

Origin in Death
As scientists work to expand the limits of technology, Lt. Eve Dallas tracks the cunning, cold-blooded killer of a father and son.

Memory In Death
After a visit from her past, Lt. Eve Dallas walks a tightrope between her professional duties and her private demons.

“Haunted in Death” Bump in the Night anthology
Lt. Eve Dallas’s current case has links to a rock star’s disappearance years before.

Born In Death
Lt. Eve Dallas has a grisly double homicide to solve when two young lovers are brutally killed on the same night.

Innocent in Death
Lt. Eve Dallas hunts for the killer of a seemingly ordinary history teacher and uncovers some extraordinary surprises.

“Eternity in Death” Dead of Night anthology
Lt. Eve Dallas clashes with a bloodthirsty, unnaturally powerful mystery man who promises his enthralled victims immortality.

Creation in Death
The serial killer nicknamed The Groom is back in town after an absence of nine years, resuming his horrific run of kidnapping, torturing and killing young women. Lt. Eve Dallas, who served as a detective in the frustrating first investigation, assumes lead role in this one.

Strangers In Death
Lt. Eve Dallas investigates the murder of a business tycoon whose strangled body is discovered tied to his bed, apparently the victim of a kinky sex encounter gone bad.

Salvation In Death
Ancient church rituals meet cutting-edge crime solving when Lt. Eve Dallas discovers that the consecrated wine a priest consumes just before his death was laced with potassium cyanide.

“Ritual in Death” novella in Suite 606 (Nov 2008)
In "Ritual in Death" Lt. Eve Dallas is plunged into the violent aftermath of ritualistic murder and into the mind of an alleged witness who can’t remember anything to save his life.

Promises in Death (February 2009)

Kindred in Death (November 2009)

“Missing in Death” novella in The Lost (December 2009)

from Nora Robert's site

ok...not must stop procrastinating and cleaning & start packing up my room. We're getting new tile in the house!

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Thank you so much for joining my little ol' reading challenge. Although with 31 books, it's not really so little is it? I figure we'll be reading one book a month for the next three years!!! LOLOL!