Thursday, November 26, 2009

Baked my 1st sweet potato pie & it almost kicked my ass!

My auntie said a few days ago that she'd like some sweet potato pie.

Ssssssoooo. I decided to make her one today. o.O

I made my own pie crusts following the recipe from my awesome Milk Free Kitchen Cookbook that was a Christmas gift last year from my ever thoughtful nephew.
my home made piecrusts in the making on Twitpic
mmmhhhhmmm. Must say that "cutting in" the shortening is a real PITA. However, I do remember my stepgrandmother doing that to her pie crusts, so I'm remaining hopeful that it was worth the effort. But I think I'm trying my food processor next time.

just sayin.

Now, ever since my s.i.l. bought the new "self-cleaning" oven, I've had nothing but troubles with timing my baking. It ALWAYS takes longer than what the instructions say. Today, was no exception. As a matter of fact, it took DOUBLE the time it was suppose to!!

*sigh* First, I decided to bake my pie crusts for about 7 min., then pulled them out, to fill them. I don't like it when my crust is soggy on the bottom. I was hoping that this would help prevent that. When I filled the pies, I then covered the edges with foil to prevent burning. I left the foil on for most of the time & maybe that contributed to the pie taking so long.

The other factor is...I just didn't know what I was doing. I used a Sweet Potato Pie recipe I found on The instructions said it would look like a souffle & then drop. eeerrr? Not sure what a souffle is, much less what it looks like while baking!

All I know is that it was giggling for a very long time!
Sweet Potato Pie
Go Dairy Free - Thursday, 26 November 2009

The end result:
ssshh! don't tell the sweet potato pie but i think it's final... on Twitpic

My auntie loved it. I did make the mistake of telling her I used "my kinda milk" for the recipe. She did a double take, but said she'd eat it again & she couldn't tell it had soy milk in it. heh. Also, she said my crust was flaky. Yay ME!

the sweet potato pie is pronounced delish & the crusts flaky ... on Twitpic

Finally! the pecan pie is done! on Twitpic

Finally, here's my Pecan Pie. I used the recipe given to me by my baking buddy.
And yes, it took forever to bake. Also, on the last timer, I took off the foil to brown the crust up...and promptly shut off the oven with the timer. DOH!! So it's a little pale, but looks edible!

Ok, that's my adventure in baking on this wonderful Thanksgiving day!

Hope all is well with you and yours!!

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