Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sometimes it sucks to be me...

Ok. So, sometimes I complain too much. I admit it.

Can't be denied.

I realized this after the first of the year when a posterboard was put up on the unit...with pics of all the unit staff & a bubble with comments they make on a regular basis...or ones we don't let them live down.

Mine? "I'm not having a good day."

I was offended. And then I had to laugh...'cause it was true.
*looks to heaven*

So, I guess my unofficial New Year's Resolution has been to complain less about the workload & the crap that gets dumped on us at the hospital. btw...It. Is. Hard.

Must say, I suck at not complaining. *le sigh*

Anyway, last week, I was on lunch and one of my charge nurses was in the breakroom with me. We talked & munched...and things going on on the unit came up. I distinctly remember saying..."I feel like we're (unit staff) used as guinea pigs (by administration)."

Well, today we had a staff meeting at which 3 top level administrators attended. They were there to give us praise for all the hard work we have done over the past year in being the 1st to launch a new process for patient care at the hospital. And that was grand. It was nice to hear.

But, one of the last comments made was that because we had done so well...we would now be considered "our GUINEA PIGS".



*facepalm* Did. I. Not. Say. That? GAH!

Since I'm not complaining, really. I'm not. I should let it be known that patient satisifaction for our unit has gone from the 7th percentile, at the end of '07, to the 90th percentile, in the 3rd quarter of '08!!
Which I find astounding. Truly.

Oh, and for more good news...I went to the doctor today. My Hgb A1c was 5.5, and my fasting glucose was 108!

Also, the doc decided I need to have a physical. I said, "Um...ok, what does that entail?" He vaguely says, "Well, we do a complete check up." O.o


I know better...he was being too evasive.
So when the medical assistant came in after the doc left, I asked her what it really entailed. She's informs me that I'll have a pap smear & a mammogram done.

O.O Oh, hells NO.

I left, made the appointment, with thoughts of never showing up.
Yup, that's me. Miss Passive Aggressive.
hhhmmm...has a nice ring. Wonder if there's a pagent for that?

So, I came home. I'd calmed down a bit. I tolded my auntie what went down. She's all wide-eyed and starts to warn me about the mammogram. I look at her like duuuhhh.

So then I tell her, "I think when I get there I'm gonna tell them I'll only do it if the doc's in there...and I get to squeeze his penis through it."

*snickers* She spewed water.
I feel better.

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